We typically charge an agreed fixed fee for most immigration applications. Our fee is based on what we consider reasonable considering the time that will likely be required to complete the matter based on our hourly rates, level of expertise involved, the urgency of the matter and the circumstances of your case, such as:

  • The amount of supporting evidence we need to consider;
  • Whether you are applying with dependants
  • Whether you have any adverse immigration history, including but not limited to a previous visa refusal, criminal convictions, period of overstaying, breach of a condition of leave
  • Whether expert evidence or specialist advice is needed
  • Whether there is a pending deadline for your current immigration status
  • The need for a tribunal or court hearing.

If the circumstances of your application are more complex – and/or there are unforeseen complications – then the cost may well exceed the fees specified in the table. Any such additional costs will depend on the time spent at the applicable hourly rates and will be agreed prior to commencing the work.

How we calculate our charges

Our fees are charged based on an agreed hourly rate structure dependent on the experience of the professionals working on your matter and the complexity of the issues we need to address. Our hourly rate ranges (exclusive of VAT and disbursements) depending on experience and our lawyer’s specialisms are £225 to £450. The hourly rate for a lawyer/paralegal with more than 3 years’ experience, working under supervision of a Senior Solicitor, will be £225 plus VAT. A Solicitor with more than 3 years’ Post Qualification Experience, will be £350 plus VAT per hour. The hourly rate for a Senior Solicitor with more than 10 years’ Post Qualification Experience should be £450 plus VAT.

On some discrete matters we may offer a fixed fee option. In those cases, we will assess your circumstances and the work necessary for your claim and provide you with a fixed fee. Where we do this, we will set out what work we will do for that fee in our Client Care Letter. If additional complexities arise these may incur additional costs, but we will discuss this with you we feel this approach is suitable to your matter.

Is VAT payable on our Fees?

All our fees shown in our Website exclude VAT. We are a VAT registered company (VAT No: 245 7242 06) and where applicable, VAT, currently in force at 20% will be applicable to all our fees and most disbursements, unless otherwise advised.

Note that UK Visas and Immigration and Home Office fees do not usually attract VAT unless the applicant is habitually residing in the UK.